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orQestra® - SCR

Summary Care Record

Are you still in the dark? Vital patient information, just when you need it most

There are now 52 million Summary Care Records on the NHS Spine and counting. Quicksilva’s SCR ITK Spine-Mini-Service offers simplified access to the NHS Spine Summary Care Record in real time, putting the power of information in the hands of your clinical decision-makers.

Why choose orQestra® SCR?

  • Key Information - access patient allergies; demographics; NHS number and medications for better informed decisions at the point of care
  • Rapid On-Boarding - up and running in weeks not months
  • Low Cost - no infrastructure investment
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Fully Managed Service - monitored 24x7
  • Availability SLA - to 99% + Service Levels
  • 24x7 Live Issue Logging and Reporting - with our Customer Web Portal the QURE®.

What does orQestra® SCR look like?

A Spine Mini-Service, orQestra® SCR provides an ITK interface to the NHS Spine Summary Care Record without the Common Assurance Process delays.

Read about orQestra® success in Hospital and Ambulance settings.

What could SCR access do for you?

Tom from South Central Ambulance Service explains the difference that SCR access has made to him and his colleagues on the front line:

How does SCR work in an emergency care setting?

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What difference has it made to you?

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Can you tell us about some specific examples?

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What happens when you get to hospital?

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Tell us about the Ortivus Toughbook?

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What do you think comes next for SCR?

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Quicksilva's customer service has been outstanding - we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend orQestra® as a rapid and effective option for NHS Summary Care Record access Rikard Hellqvist, Ortivus AB

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