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London Adapter Project

conneQt®, Quicksilva’s pioneering Integration Service is a universal adapter for Health and Social Care, enabling unconnected organisations to exchange information seamlessly.

The Need for Joined Up Care

Delays in exchanging information about proposed discharge dates and a patient’s needs can be a major cause of delayed discharges from acute health settings into the community, placing a severe burden on both clinical staff and business managers.

As part of the NHS Digital ‘London Adapter’ project, Islington was one of three pilot sites aiming to reduce the current reliance on paper based mechanisms such as post and fax and as a result, improve the speed, security and reliability with which patient information is communicated. The need for an electronic solution cannot be overstated – hospitals would commonly fax a discharge form three times before sending it to Social Care.

Quicksilva’s Solution

Quicksilva were chosen by NHS Digital to deliver the London Adapter in 2011, powered by Quicksilva’s conneQt®. Transformed data is communicated via an Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) web-service or secure email to the recipient systems to enable information sharing, improve patient data quality, save time and resources and provide accountability.

The system allows discharge notices to be securely exchanged between Whittington NHS Trust’s Patient Administration System and Islington Council’s social care case management system.

The cherry on top is integration with Quicksilva’s ITK Spine Mini Service Provider, orQestra®, which enables real time Personal Demographics Service (PDS) tracing and in-flight verification of patents’ NHS numbers, driving up data quality for all connecting systems.

“We are delighted to be involved with a ground-breaking project which delivers such huge benefits for everyone involved, both in terms of service efficiency and improvements in care.” 

David Grigsby


No Need to ‘Rip and Replace’

The solution had to be accessible to users within the Borough whose system did not support web services or were unlikely to do so within a reasonable timescale.

conneQt® makes use of email as a secure means of transporting patient information. Users of the “unconnected” systems are able to securely email patient correspondence to a mailbox which in turn interrogates the email’s attachment and transforms it into a Clinical Document Architecture format. This then enabled it to be forwarded onto other systems that do support web services.

“This way of sharing information across boundaries should significantly improve citizens’ care and support, replace unreliable paper and fax processes and improve information security”

Keith Strahan

Programme Manager, HSCIC

The Success – Patients Win

The Adapter has eliminated the need for staff to fax and manually file information, reducing the risks of errors and increasing productivity, allowing GP referrals, Section 2 and 5 Discharge Notifications to be exchanged between various cross care settings. Future releases will extend this to include Contact Assessments and Care Plans.

By making the referral process automatic, lengthy referral times have been slashed, reducing bed-blocking and enabling the Trust to improve its response to recent winter pressures.

“Making the whole discharge process transparent and dispensing with manual processes buys us precious time to plan ongoing care for our patients. This ultimately means that patients are able to get home sooner, receive care in familiar surroundings and minimise the disruption to their lives”

Robert Skinner

Social Work and Discharge Planning Team Leader, Whittington NHS Trust

Driving Improvement

A key feature of conneQt® benefitting users across all connecting organisations, is the Audit Trail facility, which tracks, receives and acknowledges communications between users, providing an accountable trace of each workflow.

“As a manager I am greatly reassured that I can track the discharge process from end to end – previously a time consuming manual task. This visibility also enables me to drive up accountability within my team, which is a useful management tool for raising standards ever higher in our organisation”

Robert Skinner

Social Work and Discharge Planning Team Leader, Whittington NHS Trust

All Taken Care Of

Since its delivery in 2012 Quicksilva has offered conneQt® as a fully managed service that is securely hosted on the N3 network in a Tier 3 ISO 27001 facility, managing and monitoring the service 24×7.

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