Why choose transaQt®?

  • Free up clinical time – pre-population of staff details and patient details;
  • Full audit trail – reporting for visibility and accountability;
  • GP finder – automatic retrieval of GP details saves manual search;
  • Rapid On-Boarding -up and running in weeks not months;
  • Low Cost – no infrastructure investment;
  • Fully Managed Service – monitored 24×7;
  • Availability SLA – over 99%;
  • 24×7 Live Issue Logging and reporting – with our Customer Web Portal the QURE®.

What does transaQt® look like?

transaQt® is a simple Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) web application which collects and securely directs patient discharge summary information via structured messaging, to the correct GP or Social Care recipient.

Real-time, automatic verification against the Personal Demographic Service of the NHS Spine means patient details, NHS Number and GP details are pre-populated, saving valuable clinical time and reducing the risk of error.

A full audit trail means easy reporting and maximum visibility so patients enjoy a smooth referral – and you avoid costly CCG sanctions.

Electronic Transmission of Discharge Summaries is now Mandatory

From October 1st 2015 changes to the NHS Standard Contract means that posting or faxing discharge summaries between care settings could incur costly financial sanctions.

Quicksilva’s transaQ® Transfer Of Care tool is a quick and low cost solution to allow you and your clients to meet their mandatory obligations.

Is e-discharge now mandatory?

From 1st October 2015 changes to the NHS Standard Contract mean that post and secure fax will no longer be permitted for sending discharge summaries to GPs from care providers.

Does this only affect NHS Care Providers?

No – the change in contract affects NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and independent sector provides of acute services.

Is there a lengthy contract?

No – our Software-as-a-Service model means you pay-as-you-go.

I need to act fast to avoid the risk of sanctions. How long will it take to connect me?

As an ITK accredited solution, transaQt® is ready-assured. Implementation is managed by Quicksilva’s experienced Project Managers and can take as little as two weeks.

How does transaQt® work with my existing PAS?

transaQt® is available as a stand-alone web-application or can be integrated to work with your PAS by our experienced Integration Team.

What infrastructure will I need?

transaQt® is offered as a fully N3 hosted and managed service, so there is no need to invest in costly infrastructure.

How long does training take?

transaQt® is intuitive and simple, so no training is required.

Do I need to be on the N3Network?

Yes- transaQt® is hosted on the secure N3 Network and Quicksilva offer an N3 consultancy service if required, to help you get on board.

The changes to the NHS Standard Contract have come as a surprise for many – and there are more to come as the National Information Board Framework will soon extend to even more episodes of care. Our customers can rest assured that our roadmap for transaQt® will see it evolve to include all of these requirements as they arise.

Andy Cripps

Technical Director

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