Development & Professional Services

Let us help with what we are great at, so you can get on with what really matters to your business!

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in digital ecosystem and can support you in a range of services; we can work with you to design bespoke solutions that best suit your business.

We will be there every step of the way to guide you through the maze of digital services available, be that for cloud hosting, NHS compliance, video call integrations, AGILE project management, bespoke development and much more.

Development and professional services
Integrated video calling

Integrated Video Calling Development

Do you want to embed video-calling into your application but don’t know the don’t know how or do not have the expertise to do it in house? Quicksilva can offer advice and guidance or developer expertise in order to speed up your integration of video APIs and save you money from having to employ staff with specific expertise.

Bespoke Development & Delivery

Our team have an excellent track record of designing and successfully delivering new software for a wide range of organisations including private sector, government and healthcare. 

We are committed to providing a future-proof, resilient and cost-effective platform on which new and migrated applications can thrive. We are always open to reviewing any development projects and can offer advice and guidance on options available to you.

Bespoke Development & Delivery


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