Our services provide access to simple JSON APIs that eliminates the need to develop against the various interface types used by individual GP systems and the NHS GP Connect Framework. This not only accelerates your project but also minimises risk.

Our team will be there every step also guide you through the setup the compliance required and can be on hand to aid with any necessary development if you need it. By using our conneQt® IM1 & GP Connect & IM1 adapters, you can streamline your software, get to market faster and fulfil criteria you need for NHS Tenders, whilst safe in the knowledge you have a trusted partner there who can guide you the whole way.

Cloud and hosting services
Cloud and hosting services

Benefits for your organisation

Getting this done quickly for you is a priority (as little as 6 weeks), and with our managed service, we will always be around to help.

Some key benefits included are;

  • HSCN Enabled – health sector IG compliant via secure network connection – No need for your own
  • Monitoring and Alerts – fixing problems before you’re even aware 24/7
  • Quick –  using a developed, simplified, way to access information that is crucial
  • No Infrastructure Investment required- we host, you connect to us
  • Access to Experts – to help with experts in NHS integration and NHS compliance
  • Enhanced Service Levels – guaranteed response times, availability starting from 95.5% upwards
  • We handle updates when any changes are required by the NHS to reduce the burden to you
  • Safe/Secure – Information Security ISO27001 accredited UK Operations
  • Cyber essentials plus accredited assured

Why Quicksilva?

Quicksilva have always believed in “making the complex, simpler” as the world should not be more complicated than it needs to be.

With an organisational culture that is underpinned by the Harris Values, our Team has the #Qfactor, which, along with our background and experience is what sets us apart from our competitors. Collectively, these help us build a foundation from which we are able to deliver the best possible outcomes and provide value through simplicity for our customers and partners.

To find out more about the #Qfactor, ask our team!

Cloud and hosting services


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