Modern Slavery

We value Quicksilva’s reputation for ethical behaviour, financial probity, and reliability. We are committed to operating in a fair and responsible manner with respect to our employees, sub-contractors and business partners.

The following policies in our Quality Management System, readily available to all Quicksilva people, support us in our commitment:

  • Health and Safety Policy – to protect the health, welfare and safety of employees, visitors and sub-contractors working for Quicksilva;
  • Anti-Bribery Policy – to protect Quicksilva from any instances of bribery and to investigate rigorously any instances of alleged bribery;
  • Whistle Blowing Policy – to ensure high standards of openness and accountability;
  • Quality Policy – outlining our commitment to continual improvement, forming successful business relationships and ensuring compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory legislation;
  • Information Security Policy – to protect the security of Company information assets;
  • IT and Data Management Policy – to protect the integrity and availability of information;
  • Equal Opportunities Policy – ensuring all employees, job applicants, customers, service users, and suppliers of goods and services and their staff are treated with respect and dignity;
  • Supplier Management Policy – Through regular monitoring, ensure that third parties supplying services to Quicksilva do so as per their contractual agreements. Links to Risk Management Procedure.

Our supply chain comprises approximately 50 suppliers who provide mainly IT hosting services, software, cloud applications and associated support, legal and professional services.  These suppliers have been appointed after careful consideration and are closely monitored.  Should the Company develop any concerns relating to modern slavery (or any other issue) for these contracts, they are raised by our Business Support Manager for investigation and resolution. The Managing Director is responsible for this Policy.

All of our people have received an awareness video and supporting materials, which was produced by the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority to help them identify the signs of slavery and how to appropriately report suspected activity.

Quicksilva Ltd’s turnover is under the £36m per financial year (1st January – 31st December) qualifying criteria to publish a Modern Slavery Policy, however Quicksilva is committed to playing its part to eradicate the unethical and unlawful activity of modern slavery and human trafficking.