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Quicksilva are the Experts in providing NHS integration services. we have 20+ years experience connecting NHS data with government agenicies, NHS organisation, private companies big or small and helping them navigate the maze that can be NHS compliance.

No one is better placed to help your organisation achieve your goals to access NHS data.

NHS Integrations feature
GP Data via IM1 Interface

GP Data

The ability to interact online with your GP is a basic expectation of most patients, it is also a key component of most care pathways and something most healthcare systems are expected to do.

Our services to access and write information through GP connect & IM1 can help accelerate and de-risk your project as you will only need to develop against a simple API interface as opposed to the myriad of interface types operated by each individual GP system. Our team of experts can also provide support and guidance to help you through the setup and compliance processes well as help with any development if you need a helping hand.

Personal Demographics Service (PDS)

Our NHS accredited service orQestra® PDS enables you to easily interact with NHS PDS information via simple API, verify NHS Numbers and help correctly identify patients, safe in the knowledge that we are on hand whenever you may need us.

Our customers currently benefiting from this service range from NHS Trusts, CCGs, health systems providers, local authorities, private healthcare providers and dentists. Our experts can also help to accelerate your technical integration.

We processed over 5.5 million NHS numbers in 2021 with an average uptime of 99.999%.

Cloud migration and hosting
NHS Integration Experts

We’re the go-to experts for your NHS Integration project

Experts in digital transformation

Experts in digital transformation and 24/7 secure managed services

NHS Integration Experts

Save time and energy by choosing our proven SaaS integration platform

Summary care record

Summary Care Record (SCR)

Our NHS accredited service orQestra® SCR enables you to easily interact with NHS SCR information via a simple API, and to seamlessly populate SCRs into your existing healthcare system. Our NHS Digital assured SCR web application lyriQ® can also provide you with a view of the SCR within a browser.

We are one of the largest suppliers of the SCR outside of the NHS (over 480,000 in 2021) and are there to help step you through the process of onboarding from start to finish.

Child Protection Information Sharing Programme (CP-IS)

Our NHS accredited service orQestra® CP-IS provides quick and simple access to the NHS Spine CP-IS service enabling you to quickly check if a child or woman below the age of 55 is on a protection plan, and to act accordingly if they are.

 We are proud to be able to offer a service that helps keep both children and women safe.

Integrated video calling
Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Our message broker Spinal Tap® is a proven market leader for electronic prescriptions; built and assured to exacting NHS Digital requirements it will accelerate and de-risk development of your pharmacy or prescribing application.

With our proven Application Management wrap around service you are guaranteed to scale whatever volumes you require whilst maintaining the highest levels of availability.

We processed over 13 million electronic prescriptions from the NHS in 2021 and are proud to be a part of a system delivering NHS medication to those who need it.

NHS Smartcard Integration

Access to many of the NHS Spine services requires NHS Smartcard authentication, however, there is a limitation on the choice of web browsers. Our proteQt® service enables you to benefit from the security and functionality of modern browsers across an IT estate.

Our centralised service is enterprise-ready and is serving high volumes of users providing them with ease of access to web applications, in the process eliminating the need for traditional usernames and passwords and replacing them with a single and secure click through.

If you are a healthcare provider and need to publish slots on eRS and allow them to be booked by referrers and patients our Spinal Tap® solution can help you to integrate your existing system.

NHS Smartcard Integration
NHS Accreditation

NHS Integration Services

Do you need help connecting to an NHS service or integrating with a healthcare system? We have 20+ years experience of working with healthcare companies and the NHS, and know how to navigate:

  • NHS full accreditation – Common Assurance Process (CAP)
  • NHS Login and NHS Smartcard integration
  • GP Connect
  • GP Systems via the IM1 interface
  • Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Summary Care Record (SCR)
  • Child Protection Information Sharing (CPIS)
  • Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • e-Referral Service (eRS)

Our project managers have a wealth of knowledge and connections to help guide you through the process of integration with any NHS product. We ourselves have integrated with a large number of them and have helped hundreds of companies and NHS organisation integrate easily and quickly with the data they need.

Trust us to navigate you through NHS compliance in less time, so you can do more of what brings value to your business.


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