Last week our Business Development met up face to face and visited the HETT 2022 conference (Healthcare Excellence Through Technology). Dan Cooper, our Solutions Director gives us the lowdown on how it went…

Wow, where do I start! I used to be a seasoned veteran traveling to London a few years back and felt like I spent much of my time at conferences or meeting customers there. How times have changed. That was 3 years ago and I had not been back to the capital since. Having spent the majority of my time in the Southwest, being back in London felt strange, but at the same time felt like returning home. Not only did I get to visit London on this trip, it was also my first chance to meet face to face with the fantastic new addition to the team, Beth our new business development manager, who is showing already what it means to embody the #Qfactor and Our Values, we are so pleased to have her on board.

The reason for our visit to London was to attend the HETT 2022 conference. It did not disappoint, we got there early, and our time was filled throughout the day speaking to so many driven people who are passionate about improving patient care and bringing awesome technology to the front line professionals. We saw many old friends and made some new ones. It was great to see what everyone had been working on since we have been away, and they sure have been busy.

As with most years, HETT generally has a timely theme to help focus debate. Remote monitoring and virtual wards was the focus for this year. Having come from a role where I developed early remote monitoring digital tools it was fantastic to see how much things have come on in the last few years. It truly feels like we are moving into a new age where, like with the phone, physical location ceases to be a barrier, and this can only be a great thing for patient care, improving early detection, preventing those being in hospital when it is not needed and generally improving satisfaction all around. Amazing work.

While we spent a lot of time just talking, we did also get to see some of the insightful presentations that were going on all over the conference, it would have been impossible to see them all, but those we attended were truly insightful and provided a view about how all the work everyone does translates – into real world differences for clinicians and the patients they care for. We are all small parts to this bigger jigsaw and it’s important to take time to reflect how everyone from suppliers all the way through to people on the front line all have such an important role in making digital healthcare just that little bit better each and every day. It was inspiring! For me, the aim of the day is all about what we can take away from the event back to our team, to make sure that we continue to make a positive contribution to the UK Digital Health Ecosystem.

Just finally, I just wanted to say a little thanks to all of those who organised the event, everything appeared to go really well and that is no easy feat with thousands of people attending each day, so thank you for your hard work and we look forward to seeing what HETT brings us next year.