The NHS is one of the largest and most complex healthcare systems in the world with a long history of providing high quality care to patients across the UK. In order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the NHS, it is essential that health tech businesses have access to skilled people; DegreeApprenticeships can play a key role in helping businesses uncover hidden gems and help someone grow their skillset.

Learning whilst working is a fantastic way to build a stable foundation throughout an apprentice’s career. We at Quicksilva firmly believe in investing in the next generation and take pride in helping to shape their futures.

Hear from our very own degree apprentice, Callum on his experience:

“Degree Apprenticeships offer an amazing opportunity to get the best out of university whilst gaining real world experience at the same time. Throughout my apprenticeship I had so many opportunities to learn and progress by being able to work directly with talented and knowledgeable people. Now that I have finished my apprenticeship I feel that I have been able to hit the ground running with my career at Quicksilva and for anyone considering the apprenticeship route, for me it was the best decision I have made.”

Degree Apprenticeships in the health tech industry are a great way for companies to grow and provide benefits for both company and apprentice. Tech Industry Gold courses from are inclusive and informed by the tech industry to equip apprentices with recognised tech and professional skills.

If you’re interested in starting your career as an apprentice within Quicksilva and have any questions about what these types of opportunities entail, give us a call or drop us an email today! We’d also recommend having a chat with the excellent people over at