Chippenham, UK – April 18, 2024 – Quicksilva Ltd (Quicksilva), a leading provider of NHS Integration services, is pleased to unveil its latest innovation: a free and fully compliant Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS) solution for GPs.

Quicksilva has collaborated with NHS England since 2023 to develop a purpose-built solution for CP-IS, granting GPs seamless access to the most current data through their newly launched IM1 Integration tool, conneQt® Toolbar.

The CP-IS service facilitates secure information sharing among health and social care professionals, enhancing the protection of children and young people under social care, including those who are looked after or have a child protection plan. Covering 100% of local authorities in England, CP-IS stands as the sole national register of social care status and the primary system for providing information on children who are out of their usual care area.

Assured by NHS England, Quicksilva’s CP-IS Solution promises to bolster care quality, enable earlier intervention, and ensure tighter integration compared to the National Childcare Registration System (NCRS), thanks to its direct linkage to the NHS Spine.

At the heart of this innovation lies Quicksilva’s conneQt Toolbar, an integral component of the IM1 Integration solution, conneQt Platform. This digital widget sits directly on a GP’s desktop, enabling access to secondary systems from their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. NHS Digital SCAL accredited, the conneQt Toolbar facilitates single sign-on, enabling a fluid transition between applications while preserving the patient context.

The CP-IS application will be readily accessible via the conneQt Toolbar, automatically notifying GPs if a record is present, thereby optimising time efficiency and providing real-time information sourced directly from the NHS Spine.

Mandated by the NHS Long Term Plan at the end of March 2024, CP-IS embodies a significant stride towards enhanced safety and care for children and young people in need, aligning with the plan’s objective of delivering optimal support when it matters most.

Quicksilva Solutions Director, Dan Cooper said:

“We are delighted to be able to provide this NHS assured solution to GPs free of charge and are hopeful it will increase uptake of CP-IS across the whole of England in line with the recent mandate. Working to support improved care and safety for all patients, but specifically children and young people in this case, is something we pride ourselves on at Quicksilva and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback and interest we have received already for this fantastic new addition to the conneQt Toolbar.”

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