We would like to introduce you to Laura Greene who is our Development and Professional Services Project Manager who has been with Quicksilva for almost three years. Below she explains in her own words her role and what she enjoys most about working at Quicksilva.

”I am an experienced IT Project Manager with expertise in Bespoke and Agile Development and have over 9 years of experience. In my role at Quicksilva, I provide Professional Services and consultancy to help companies integrate with NHS Digital services and have successfully managed numerous complex projects from initiation to completion, consistently delivering quality outcomes.

I enjoy working with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software products, leading Agile development projects from initiation to completion, and fostering collaboration and continuous improvement to ensure project success.

One of the great things about working here is that I am currently doing a Master of Science in Digital and Technology Solutions – an apprenticeship degree with Quicksilva alongside my Project Manager role.

I love working at Quicksilva because of the company’s supportive culture and focus on innovation. From day one, I was welcomed with open arms by my colleagues and given opportunities to learn and grow in my role. The leadership team is approachable and always willing to listen to new ideas, which makes me feel valued as an employee. Everyone is an expert in their field, and we all honour the company’s value of sharing knowledge.

I love that the company is constantly exploring new technologies and seeking out ways to improve its products and services. This mindset has allowed me to work on some really exciting projects.

What I value the most about Quicksilva is the way it supports people’s professional aspirations. It’s like having a coach rooting for you to be better and achieve your goals. The company provides numerous opportunities for growth, such as training programs and professional development courses and it’s fully invested in the success and growth of its employees, this has allowed me to develop new skills and take on new challenges.

Overall, I feel incredibly fortunate to work at Quicksilva. The company’s supportive culture, focus on innovation, and commitment to work-life balance makes it an ideal place for me to grow both personally and professionally.”

You can read about all of the development and professional services that Laura and the team provide in our what we offer section on our website.