At Quicksilva, we firmly believe that our people are they key to what makes us unique and everyone contributes to our success. Find out more about why our team have the #QFactor and what makes us stand out from the crowd as we shine a spotlight on some of the amazing team…

Paul Winslade has been with Quicksilva since 2000 and he works in the Delivery team as an R&D developer. We asked him about his role and his time here at Quicksilva – what motivates him, and also what he gets up to outside of his important role!

”I work in the Delivery team, as a developer primarily focused on Microsoft technologies, however over time I have come to have a wider understanding and appreciation of quite a bit more than Microsoft.  I have worked at Quicksilva for over twenty years and prior to this I was working at Intel Corporation for a few years as a developer straight out of Uni!

What I most enjoy about working at Quicksilva is the variety of the work and the autonomy that Quicksilva gives us all. As a developer I get to be involved with different projects, technologies, work in different teams, meet with new and long-term customers and get experience across different sectors. When looking back it is clear that everything changes and yet nothing changes. There are innovations, shiny new tools and technologies to help us deliver at pace and with high quality, but things are always underpinned by same good old tried, and tested principles and practices really.

Quicksilva remains true to its founding principles some 20+ years after I first heard them during interviewing. The work is meaningful, it is evident for all to see the good that we contribute – impacting in a positive way for both individuals and the public at large. We have what I think is a great ethos and culture here – I like to think we’ve always been and always will be an eclectic and fun bunch of people to be around and work with. It makes it a great place to work and also to play! Quicksilva has always been incredibly supportive to its staff, whether with learning, changes to work life, but also to my knowledge way ahead of a lot of organisations when it comes to genuinely prioritising staff mental health and well-being above all else.

Outside of Quicksilva, I spend a lot of time doing ‘Dad’ things which I love – however when I am not then I tend to be quite the book worm. I am also a real Space enthusiast, whether 60s Space Race or latest on Starship from Boca Chica. Recently I acquired some Pioneer DJ mixing equipment… I expect to be performing a set on Mars in the 2060s – all are welcome!

You can read about all of the development and professional services that Paul helps to deliver in the what we offer section on our website.